Brian Esp

ESP Composites has developed a practical reference book and software for the analysis of composite structures.

Its founder, Brian Esp, Ph.D., P.E., is experienced in various aspects of composite structural analysis. During his 20+ year career, he has worked on various programs. At Triumph Group - Vought Aircraft Division he worked on the Boeing 787 program. At Lockheed Martin he was part of the Advanced Development Programs group and contributed to the J-UCAS (Joint Unmanned Combat Vehicle) and the JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) programs. Esp was also a member of Raytheon’s Nonmetallics Technology Center in the Space and Airborne Systems division. As an adjunct lecturer, he has taught the graduate level composites course at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Brian is also the owner of Structural FEA, LLC, which is a company that provides software for finite element analysis.

Structural FEA