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Practical Analysis of Aircraft Composites is a comprehensive guide to the analysis of composite aircraft materials, combining theory with proven practical approaches. Invaluable to both practicing professionals and academics, Practical Analysis of Aircraft Composites covers a wide variety of topics including:

  • Basic mechanics of composite materials
  • Principles of Classical Laminate Theory
  • Unnotched strength prediction and notched strength prediction
  • Analysis methods for mechanically fastened joints
  • Bonded joint analysis for both metal and composite adherends
  • Stability solutions for laminated plates and built-up structures
  • Composite beams and sandwich structures
  • Unique mechanical properties of composites
  • Structural requirements and structural substantiation for aircraft composites
  • Practical aspects for Durability and Damage Tolerance (DaDT)
  • Standard design practices for laminates, joints, and sandwich structures

Now that the topics of the book have been presented (also view the detailed contents in the sample), it is also important to state what is not presented. Detailed “cook book” procedures for high-level structures such as fuselage frames, actual skin-stringer configurations, wings, floor beams, etc. are intentionally not presented.

See this link for further discussion about why these topics are not addressed in the book.