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The free content is a low resolution subset of the Basic Analysis Course. Enroll to view the free vidoes right now.

The free content has mulitple purposes:

  • Provides useful information for the composites community, even if you don't plan on taking the course
  • Evaluate the course and ensure system compatibility
  • There is some information not included in the book that are provided for free (Special Topics 1 and 2).
  • Note that all free content is part of the course, but is low resolution. When the course is purchased, the content is in high resolution.

The complete Chapter 1 and 2 vidoes are free and correspond to the book's free sample excerpt. This is a great introduction to composites, even if you are not an analyst and just want to learn more.

There are two other free videos, which cover special topics. Special Topic 1 discuss how to develop a validated analysis method and Special Topic 2 evaluates ply-based failure criteria in further detail.

To view all the free content videos, enroll at Alternatively, you can directly download the free content (PDFs only) without enrolling and creating an account.