Basic modules are free for all users and are fully featured. Basic modules use MS Excel and most are augmented by the capability of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

eLaminate© - Instruction Video


eLaminate© is the flagship Excel-based program that uses Classical Laminate Theory. Elastic properties such as the the [A], [B], and [D] matrices are calculated. Ply-based and laminate-based failure criteria are implemented. Mechanical and hygrothermal loads are considered. For maximum convenience, all basic inputs and outputs are on a single sheet. For maximum compatibility, the core functionality works even when macros are not enabled.



ePlots© ePlots calculates the effective axial modulus, Poisson's ratio, shear modulus, and stress concentration for a symmetric and balanced laminate. In addition, ePlots creates carpet plots for any lamina material system.



eSection© calculates the effective "EA" and "EI" for cross sections that consist of composite elements.



ePattern© calculates the individual fastener loads in a 2D pattern. For composite applications, this method may be valid if the load eccentricity is relatively large. For typical single or double shear load-transfer joints, eDistribution should be used (see Advanced). Individual fastener weighting factors may be considered.



eColumn© calculates the critical buckling load for a composite column and is based on the Johnson-Euler solution.