The following modules are either in development (future availability) or are utilized for specialized applications (further information upon request).

1D Elements© - Now Available at Structural FEA

1D Elements

1D Elements© is a finite element program that uses beam, rod, and spring elements in 2D space. The program is an Excel based pre/post processor and can be used with the included free MYSTRAN solver or the MSC NASTRAN solver. 1D Elements© is the most flexible and powerful program of its kind and is now available at Structural FEA, LLC.

eBolt© - Specialized Module


eBolt© calculates the field stresses and strains for an orthotropic plate with bearing and bypass loads. The edge loading conditions are general, which allow for tension/compression/shear reacted bearing solutions. The finite element mesh is internally calculated, allowing for a fully parametric solution. The stresses and strains are extracted at the hole edge and at the specified characteristic dimension, d0.

eSandwich© - Future Availability


eSandwich© is under development and will be available in the future.

eBeam© - Future Availability


eBeam© is in development. It calculates the strains in a composite beam.

eBond© - Specialized Module


eBond© uses finite element analysis to determine the shear and peel stress in the bondline for a variety of load cases. This program will be available in the future.