Why are all modules free for individuals?

As a courtesy, ESP Composites offers the modules to assist both students and practicing engineers during the learning process.

Are the programs accurate and will they work on every computer?

All programs are tested to comply with various known solutions. The programs work on the vast majority of computers. However, there are some configurations that may not be compatible. You may evaluate all software for free. Please report any errors or bugs.

Are there any manuals? How do I learn the programs?

The programs contain comments to direct users. In addition, the reference book explains some of the programs in greater detail.

Are the programs fully featured? Do they have any restrictions?

All programs are fully featured. There are no programs with limited use. However, you are not permitted to decompile any programs.

Why not require the programs to have a license key to operate?

This can be done. However, this also negatively affects the product and the user experience. It is a trade that has been made and it is expected that you will honor the Terms of Agreement.

How does Excel perform finite element analysis?

Excel can act as a pre/post processor to finite element analysis software. For some software programs, the open source solver CalculiX is used. Note that the Excel modules use a prior version of CalculiX to ensure compatibility. Do not use the latest version in conjunction with the software from ESP Composites.